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Tours & Area Attractions

Pedasi boasts a handful of beaches a short distance from town. Visit Playa Arenal for a swim or take a boat out to the island or fishing, and watch the fisherman bring in their catch in the afternoon. This is a lovely beach to go for a sunrise walk. There are two cantinas at Arenal serving food and drinks. Playa El Toro is another beach reachable by bicycle and is a great place for a later evening stroll during low tide! Bull Beach Rancho is located here and offers free use of their swimming pool to our guests. Playa LaGarita is a nice place to lie in the shade and watch the water. Jump in to cool off and watch the boogie boarders enjoy the surf. Isla Iguana offers blue waters and white sands. Just outside of town are Playas Los Destiladeros, Escondido, Panamaes and more!

Fishing Tours

The blue waters of the Pacific off the Azuero Peninsula, Panama's famed "Tuna Coast", offer some of the finest fishing.Year round fish
include: Amberjack, Cubera Snapper, Pacific Sailfish, Roosterfish and Grouper. Winter and Spring fish include: Yellowfin Tuna, Bigeye
Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, and Bluefin Trevally. We can arrange a fishing tour during your stay. The price varies depending on the type
of boat available.
Fishing Pangas Most of our guests enjoy the local style "panga" fishing which is very affordable. This is true "no frills" fishing for real
enthusiasts. This boat can accommodate up to 4 people and includes a captain, fuel, fishing equipment & tackle, as well as a pre-
pared lunch of sandwich, chips, snacks and 2 beverages per person. Choose from half day and full day fishing trips.
Deluxe Panga Boat This is a 26 foot center console Panga with twin outboards, shade top, electronics, fishing equipment and
tackle, fish cooler with four bags of ice and a cooler lunch. It can fit up to 4 anglers.
Luxury Power Boat Experience the waters of the Azuero in complete style and comfort. This is a 30 foot center cabin cruiser, with
live well, tuna tubes, twin Yanmar diesel engines with diesel generator, IGFA certified captain, fuel, electronics, all fishing equipment
can accommodate 4 anglers along with 2 sight-
seers. Don't feel like fishing? This boat can comfortable carry 6 people to sight sightsee or whale watch.

Isla Iguana Wildlife Refuge

You really can´t visit Pedasi without spending some time at Isla Iguana. Enjoy a trip to this gorgeous Island that sits in Pedasi's back-
yard! This wildlife refuge stretches out over 143 acres. The island is a 3 mile boat ride from Playa Arenal in Pedasi, just a few
minutes´ drive from Casita Margarita. On the way to the island you will probably spot turtles, dolphins, and whales depending on the
season. Once you reach the island, you will see hermit crabs, red throated frigates and of course black and green Iguanas. Snorke-
ling is great at the island because you just have to go a few feet off shore to see the colorful wildlife swimming around—it´s great for
beginners, children, and advanced adventurers alike! Spotting sea turtles peacefully drifting by is not uncommon! Our Isla Iguana trip
includes the boat ride with a captain and our cook will pack a lunch and cooler of drinks. We willprovide a beach bag with towels and
we also have new U.S. Divers brand snorkel set for rent at the hotel.

Whale Watching Tours

Panama is one of the only places in the world where Humpback whales migrate from both northern and southern hemispheres to breed
and give birth. These tours are available from July through October.

Isla Canas Tours

Isla de Canaslies west of Pedasi, Playa Venao and the town of Canas, an island off the southern coast of theAzuero Peninsula. The
tour starts with a comfortable boat ride to Isla Cañas and during the ride you will be able to appreciate the magnificent views, observe
different types of sea birds, and a large extension of mangroves (the region has approximately 12000 hectares of mangrove). Once
you arrive at the island's port, dinner will be served while the sun sets – generally dinner consists of a local dish like fish and fried
plantain.As the night falls you will be taken for a trip around the island in a wagon pulled by horses. Once you arrive at the beach,
one of the island's guides will instruct you on how to behave while visiting the protected area. Once at the main site, you will be able to observe
and take photos of turtles nesting just meters away from you. This is a unique experience to observe the cycle of life, an
ancient turtle ritual.

These tours take place between July and November, with August, September, October and November being the busiest nesting periods.

There are opportunities to observe an arrival, where 1000 turtles come at night to nest, and by October and November, you will
have the opportunity to see the birth of thousands of turtles.

Horseback Riding, Hiking, Monkeys

The Azuero Peninsula is set on an expanse of more than 800 acres of beautiful rolling hills overlooking awe-inspiring coastline of
hidden coves, dramatic cliffs and wide sandy beaches. Eco Venao is located across the street from Playa Venao and offers a great
hiking trail (La Cascada) that takes you to a small waterfall and swim hole where you can jump in a cool off. You are sure to spot
Howler monkeys in the canopy overhead—Great Photo opportunities! You can rent horses there as well and enjoy lunch when you're
done! Drive towards Playa Venao and watch for the signs to Eco Venao on your right. Park to the left of the rancho restaurant and
walk forward up the hill a short ways and see the La Cascada sign on your right. It is an easy/moderate walk, but wear good shoes.

The trail is well marked and takes about 30 min to get to the waterfall.

Playa Venao

Playa Venao is located 25 minutes from Pedasi and is situated on a bay that stretches over 2.5 miles of shoreline. The 2010 Adult
World Surf Championships and the 2012 Jr. World Surf Championships were help at Playa Venao. Its breaks are great for both begin-
ners and advanced surfers alike. Playa Venao is a great beach for surfing, stand up paddle boarding, boogie boarding and playing in
the water! Why not go on a horseback ride on the beach, or simply enjoy the shade and enjoy a good book. Two restaurants with full
bars allow for great food and refreshing drinks. There is a surf shop with the latest finds from your favorite surf brands and you can
also rent surfboards and other equipment at the shop. Surf and paddleboard lessons are available.